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ACM SIGMOD 2018 New Researcher Symposium

Every year, the SIGMOD Conference includes a symposium about starting a career in the data management community. These symposia are geared towards graduate students and junior researchers, but they attract a very broad audience because they are both informative and entertaining.

This year's symposium will take place on Tuesday 6/12 6-8PM. We should mention that there will be free food!

After the food, the topic will be (tentatively) Advice from early PhD to early career. We will discuss issues that span the gamut from early graduate school to early post-graduation. Our esteemed panelists will give a 10-minute presentation, based on their personal experiences and perspectives gained over the years. After the presentations, an informal discussion ensues, where questions are welcomed from the audience.



The symposium takes place on Tuesday 6/12 from 6-8PM.

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